About me!

I grew up in Tehran with a lot of passion in art and design. I moved to Manchester, UK at age the of 17 where I studied Digital Architecture and although I ended up in a computer field I still consider design an essential part of my work. I believe in an ideal world with freedom of information and any volunteer work I do serves this purpose.
Today I'm a software developer, graphic designer, cinema lover, coffee addict and a family man. Not necessarily in that order.

👨‍🎨 👨🧔🏻🧕🏻👦☕️💻

I currently work at Linco Care as a marketing manager and it is amazing.

My skill set

  • Programming

    Linux servers and anything with Python, Javascript, Jquery, Django, Docker, Nginx, Wordpress, Git and etc.

  • Graphic Design

    Over 9 years experience in Adobe Creative Cloud Suit, Video production and a little bit of photography.

  • UI/UX

    Experience in UI/UX design for mobile apps and web softwars. Adobe XD, Sketch and Invision.

My Blog

I currently have one blog in farsi.
Here I write about technology, my ideals and anything in between.